Best indoor plants for your lifestyle 🪴

Best indoor plants for your lifestyle 🪴

Are you someone who’s always out and about and lacks the time to care for your plants? Or someone with no green fingers? Or a pet owner?

Everyone leads varying lifestyles, so understanding your routine will help you to get the right plant.

As someone with a goldfish memory, I’m guilty of always neglecting and under watering my plants. But recently, I found the solution to the problem: succulent plants. 

Extremely versatile, they go up to a month without water. It’s a great plant to have, if you’re an especially forgetful gardener like me! However, if you’re quirky by nature, exotic plants like the red-veined nerve plant is also a good addition to your yard.

There are endless ways to cultivate your garden. If you’re thinking of getting plants, but don’t know where to begin, read on! 

1. If you're always busy

If you lack time to care for your plants, here are some easy-to-care for plants! Chinese evergreen, spider plants, and snake plants are especially resilient; they do well in many climates, and only require occasional fertilising. 

Don’t worry if you forget to water your plants from time to time, these fellas can take it! However, it is also great to let your plants bask in the sun every once in a while. Plants need sunlight to flourish after all.

2. If you have pets at home 

If you’re a pet owner, having pet friendly plants like rattlesnake, succulents and calathea prayer will keep your furry friends safe! That way, you don’t have to worry when your pet fiddles with these plants, or ends up accidentally ingesting them.

 Another good plant to have with pets around is air plants! You could get a tillandsia and hang them on your walls, so that they stay out of your pet’s reach.

Most importantly, avoid getting toxic house plants like aloe vera, baby’s breaths, tomato plants. You won’t want your pets to fall ill while munching on them.


3. If you want to decorate your bathroom

Did you know that bird nest ferns love the extra moisture in bathrooms? Unlike usual plants, they thrive in warm and humid environments best. If you want to put your plants in the bathroom, a bird nest fern might be for you. 

Additionally, you could consider getting staghorn fern, aloe vera, gardenia as these indoor plants do not require direct sunlight. In fact, they like a little bit of humidity — making bathrooms the perfect spot for them to grow in.

4. If you have a pest problem 

Insect haters, this one’s for you! The venus fly traps, petunias, lemongrass and lavender are some plants that will help you to fight away all the mosquitoes, flies and insects. Talk about being multi-functional. Who says that plants only serve as pretty decors?

Lavender repels fleas, moths, mosquitoes, and many other insects.

5. If you live in a small space

Don’t let a small balcony or living room stop you from gardening! Herbs, tomatoes, strawberries, jasmine are some houseplants you can grow despite space constraints. My mother loves growing rosemary, and she adds them to everything we eat; from pizzas, rice, and noodles. They’re absolutely yummy!

As the old adage goes, ‘‘Life truly begins the day you start a garden". We hope that this article has inspired you to start gardening.

In addition to being a beautiful decor, plants help to boost our mood and relieve stress. You could add greenery to empty corners of your home, fill your shelves with plants, or even turn your balcony into a garden of eden! 

So, why not start planting today?

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