What’s in our tote bag? Meet the Good Totes Team 👋

What’s in our tote bag? Meet the Good Totes Team 👋

We’ve always asked you to show us what you pack in your totes, so this time, it’s our turn to show you what’s in ours! 

Yoyo’s Pick: Shopper Tote

Meet Yoyo, the Co-founder and Product Designer of Good Totes! She carries the Shopper Tote with her everywhere because it's extremely roomy with 7 pockets! 

We’re loving her preppy & laid back look with the Shopper Tote! 

Why she loves the Shopper Tote: I love my Shopper Tote because of how spacious it is. It’s my go-to bag for work - it fits my laptop, bottle, notebook, samples, wallet, and still has a lot of space to spare. And it’s made of recycled cotton!

Where she would carry it to: I usually carry it to the office! It’s also perfect for staycations and grocery shopping.


Her Must-haves: Laptop, water bottle, wallet, keys, lipstick, notebook, umbrella… I’m an overpacker!

If you’re an over-packer like her, the Shopper Tote might be for you!

Daniel’s Pick: Go-Getter Tote

As someone who always carries his laptop with him, our Co-founder Daniel loves his Go-Getter Tote. It has the perfect number of compartments for him to keep his charger wires, notebooks, and laptop in place.

Daniel lookin’ stylish with the Go-Getter Tote in Pine Green.

Why he loves the Go-Getter: I carry around a relatively large (15 inch) and bulky laptop, so the Go Getter Tote is really the perfect tote for me. The laptop sleeve compartmentalises and pads my laptop well, so it doesn't get damaged or scratched by other items in the tote. The padded straps also do wonders in making the tote feel light, even when I stuff it to the brim with my daily study/work necessities.

Where he would carry it to: This is now my go to school bag!

His must-haves: Apart from my trusty (but bulky) laptop, I always carry a 1 litre Nalgene bottle (which fits comfortably in the middle inner pocket), as well as a portable charger and some mints!

Amelia’s Pick: Mini Going Places Tote

Did someone say mini totes? Perfect on days you wish to travel light, our Mini Going Places Tote is Amelia's (our Customer Service Hero) favourite tote!

Amelia looking cute with the Mini Going Places Tote in Cream!

Why she loves the Mini Going Places: It is small enough to carry my daily essentials everywhere! I love how it can be worn two ways with the adjustable cross body straps and cute baguette handle, so I can style it however I’m feeling that day! 

Where she would carry it to: I’ll carry it on a cute sunset date ☀️

Her must-haves: Tissue, lip tint, compact powder, AirPods! I can never leave the house without these things 😎

Iman’s Pick: Lazy Linen Sling 

Meet Iman, our Creative Slayer! Her favourite bag is our upcoming Lazy Linen Sling, which is perfect for lazy days. Made of linen and recycled cotton, its the perfect addition to her slouchy and laid-back outfits!

Iman’s casual & relaxed look with the Lazy Linen Sling in Espresso.

Why she loves the Lazy Linen: It’s light and roomy, so I can bring it almost anywhere I go! It’s perfect for me because I carry too many things for a small sling bag, and too little things for a big bag. (Do you feel the same way?)

Where she would carry it to: "It’s the everyday go bag to run light errands!"

Her must-haves: Sunblock, lip dip and film camera 

Freya’s Pick: Going Places Tote

Whether you’re going to work, headed to the gym or running errands, this tote will bring you to places.

Freya chilling by the beach with Going Places Tote in Cream

Why she loves the Going Places Tote: I love the Going Places Tote! It’s minimalist, classy and it easily goes with all of my outfits. I’m so glad that the tote comes with pockets, so I don’t ever lose my keys, or other tiny items in my bag.

Where she would carry it to: Everywhere I go! To school, work, or hangouts with friends, it’s the bag for all occasions.

Her must-haves: water bottle, claw clip, cardigan, book, laptop, card holder

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